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Online Computer Training Courses NJ
Online Computer Training School NJ
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What is OnlineTraining4u?

Online Training, also referred to as Web-based learning, is learning that takes place via a computer connected to the Internet. Typically the learner logs into a system and accesses information from an instructor or tutorial. The learner then follows an established sequence. At each step the learner interacts with a computer or a CMS (Content Management System) to access more information.

In a web environment, lessons can require readings (posted on web pages, downloadable files) or interacting with web-based software applications that may allow viewing of demonstrations, assessments, and simulated cases. Live chat can also be incorporated providing interaction with the instructor or other learners. These interactions give the learner a feeling of belonging to a class or cohort.

Audio, video (compressed), text, and graphics can all be used to display the information, training, or lessons. Since web-based learning can incorporate the vast resources of the Internet, there is almost limitless potential for enhancement. Some of the resources that can be incorporated are access to journals or their abstracts, links to related web sites or blogs, downloading of files and information, and participating or observing discussions or forums on the web.

Depending on the resources available, the initial design and objectives, and how the instruction is structured, web-based learning may be highly interactive.